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Workshop 1

Mainstream short-cut nitrogen removal: business drive, current experiences and future direction

The workshop will consist of three parts. The first session will have panel members from short-cut nitrogen removal technology providers representing ANITATM , ANAMMOX® , ELAN® and DEMON® processes to discuss the status, challenges and future direction of the application of these processes. The panel members for the second session are from water utilities in Australia (Queensland Urban Utilities, Melbourne Water and SA Water) and New Zealand (WaterCare) and they will discuss their pilot/full scale trials of short-cut nitrogen removal processes, the business cases for applying the process in their plants and future direction from their perspectives. The panel members of the third session are scientists working on novel short-cut nitrogen removal process who will  discuss the new directions/finding/bottleneck in mainstream short cut N removal area that are exciting/require more attention.

Workshop includes morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea.

When: 10:00am – 4:30pm, Sunday 18th November, 2018

Where: Hotel Grand Chancellor

Cost $120

Workshop 2

To Market: Exploring industry demands to drive the valorisation of carbon and nutrients in waste

In today’s world, there is a much greater awareness of global nutrient and carbon cycles, including the social, environmental and economic costs of removing nutrients from waste and returning them to the environment only for fertiliser industries to spend further resources to collect and concentrate them again. This greater awareness is driving a paradigm shift where waste is seen as a resource and there are many new and emerging technologies aiming to recover nutrients and carbon as value-add products. This workshop will explore existing and developing markets for nutrient and carbon products generated from wastes. Example topics include:

  • Mapping the availability and demand of nutrients and carbon at local, national and global scales

  • Identifying composition, quality and performance requirements in bulk and niche agricultural applications

  • Building the case for “waste nutrients” over traditional chemical fertilisers

  • Skipping the “middle man” – generation of proteins and animal feeds

  • Going beyond agriculture – other high value markets for waste nutrients

The workshop will contain presentations with engineering, agricultural and horticultural perspectives, followed by interactive panel discussions.

Workshop includes morning tea and lunch.

When: 9am – 12:30pm, Sunday 18th November, 2018

Where: Hotel Grand Chancellor

Cost $100

You can register for Workshops 2 & 3 for a combined discounted price of AU$150


Workshop 3

Low-Cost Nutrients Recovery Technologies

One of the major challenges for nutrient recovery is that of cost. Physicochemical recovery technologies such as ammonia stripping and P/N adsorption are generally not cost competitive with existing technologies.

However, emerging physicochemical technologies, as well as emerging biological processes (including photo-assisted) are enabling nutrient and carbon recovery at reduced costs. This workshop will frame the problem through economic analysis of existing and emerging technologies, and identify pathways for nutrient technology at multiple scales and technology levels through a number of presentations.

This will be followed by a panel and participant workshop session to identify critical barriers and pathways forward for practical implementation.

Workshop includes lunch and afternoon tea.

When: 12:30pm – 4:30pm, Sunday 18th November, 2018

Where: Hotel Grand Chancellor

Cost $100

You can register for Workshops 2 & 3 for a combined discounted price of AU$150

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Conference Secretariat

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