Advanced Water Management Centre

Keynote Speaker

Susanne Schmidt

The University of Queensland

What we can gain from the circular nutrient economy

There is no doubt that the circular economy has to replace the current linear economy for a world without waste and pollution. High energy footprint, the use of non-renewable resources and inefficient fertilisers  demand innovation. Re-purposing and retrieval of nutrients from wastes has potential to improve sanitation and turn costly wastewater treatment into economic gain. Formulating repurposed nutrients into next-generation fertilisers that better supply crops and preserve soil health is a challenge that requires interdisciplinary collaboration between engineers and agricultural experts. In this talk, I give a short history of fertilisers and highlight the enormous gains that can be made with the circular nutrient economy.

Prof Susanne is a agro-biologist and educator at The University of Queensland. She leads a vibrant team studying plant nutrition, next-generation fertilisers, sustainable land use and soil health to understand the problems and find solutions in collaboration with industry.,

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