Advanced Water Management Centre

Keynote Speaker

Haydee De Clippeleir

DC Water

On the road towards mainstream short-cut nitrogen removal implementation: the story of potholes and detours

The research field of mainstream short-cut nitrogen removal has been evolving rapidly with a broad range of technologies being proposed including suspended, granular, biofilm and hybrid approaches. In addition, each approach proposes different operational conditions to manage and control the microbial players. This paper compiles the different technological approaches and brings them together into one general mainstream short-cut nitrogen removal framework. This framework forms the basis for understanding the conditions needed to obtain short-cut nitrogen, shed light over the wanted and unwanted microbial players within the different technologies and highlights some of the necessary features needed to allow for fast implementation. The path towards implementation of these ideas within the Blue Plains advanced wastewater treatment plant is discussed in detail.

Haydée De Clippeleir is a Research Program Manager at DC Water (Washington, DC) where she leads the research group at the Blue Plains advanced wastewater treatment plant.

This group focuses on technology and process control development as well as process optimization. The main driver for technology development is to bridge the needs for intensification of processes with resource recovery, decreasing potential capital and operational costs for future treatment. Together with her team, she is currently looking into carbon redirection approaches, aerobic granulation, short-cut nitrogen removal, thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion.

Earlier she focused on optimization of sidestream and mainstream deammonification application during her postdoctoral research at Columbia University (New York, NY) and PhD work at Ghent University (Belgium).

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