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YWP Social Evening

This social evening is dedicated to Young Water Professionals (#YWPs ; aged 35 and under) to facilitate an informal networking/discussion forum between early- and mid-career individuals who are passionate about NR&R and all things Water.

Date:Wednesday 21 November 2018
Time:18:00 hrs
Location:Transcontinental Hotel, 482 George St, Brisbane

Please use the link or QR code below to Sign up for the 2018 IWA NRR 2018 Social evening for #YWPs on Wednesday 21 November (starting at 6:00 PM).
This informal dinner + drinks evening aims to provide a platform for YWPs to socialise and network. The event is organised by the local Brisbane YWP chapter.

Please be aware that this is not a sponsored dinner. You will have to cover the cost of your own dinner + drinks. 

The organisers will make every effort to find a venue where we are able to enjoy the sub-tropical character of Brisbane in spring (weather permitting). The meeting’s location (TBD) will be determined based on the number of registered attendees, but it is expected that this will be close to the Conference venue.

If you register on this list, we assume that you will attend and are able to cover your own expenses. If your budget is limited, you may consider e.g. having something to eat before the event.

Registered attendees will receive a confirmation of time, location and meeting point(s) approximately one week before the event.

Please note that for all evening venues/bars/clubs in Brisbane you will require a Photo ID document to attest that you are ≥18 years old, so make sure to bring an ID with you!
No exceptions are made, no matter how evident it may be that you are >>18 years old.

If, at any time before 20 November, you  do change your mind or can no longer attend, please remove your name from the survey or contact the organising chair Pablo:

 or use the QR code:  


If you want to know more about IWA Young Water Professionals Community and how you can actively contribute to being part of this global community, check out IWA connect group.

If you want to know more about other learning opportunities within IWA, please visit us at IWA Learn Website.

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For further information about this conference, please contact:

Sharon James
Conference Secretariat

p: +61 7 3346 7205