Advanced Water Management Centre

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17 August 2017
Electrifying Bacteria: EAIT's 3MT Final, People's Choice Award winner

Igor Vassilev is a chemical biotechnologist interested in the design, development, and evaluation

30 June 2017
Waste not, want not: funding to turn animal waste into wealth

Researchers at The University of Queensland will play a key role in a significant coalition fundi

30 June 2017
Bumper month for AWMC

The past month has been an exceptional one for the Advanced Water Management Centre.

18 May 2017
Queensland Takes the Top Spot in Research Innovation

A University of Queensland-led research-industry collaboration has become the first Queensland ba

22 March 2017
From the Director - March

World Water Day on March 22nd is about taking action to tackle the water crisis.

22 March 2017
Pig Waste is a Resource

Since 2012, with Pork CRC and Australian Pork Limited (APL) investment, the Advanced Water Manage

10 March 2017
Pig poo power wins innovation award for University of Queensland researcher

Australian farmers could soon be using pig poo to power their vehicles.