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The first step towards applying for a research higher degree (PhD or MPhil) with the Centre is to submit an online application. As part of your online application, you will need to list a potential supervisor/s.

  1. Find a potential supervisor

    There are several places you can look to find a supervisor -

    • UQResearchers is a database of researchers which contains individual biographies, areas of research and an overview of recent publications.
    • Our People page provides a list of potential supervisors from our Centre.
    • Our Centre website provides an overview of the research we undertake.

    Once you have identified a potential supervisor, or supervisors, you can submit an online application.

  2. Complete the online application

    As part of the online application, you will need to provide details on your academic background and achievements. To help you complete this, you may like to read through the below information -

    As part of the online application, you will also need to submit the following:

    • Two referee reports from persons who can best comment on your prior research experience, which are to be submitted directly to UQ
    • Project Proposal

    If you have any questions, please contact us at