The Advanced Water Management Centre (AWMC) is an international centre of excellence in innovative water technology and management. Over the last 20 years of research in this field, the AWMC has developed a leading expertise in education, research and consulting. Its particular strength is the close integration of biological science, process engineering and informatics. This unique combination forms the basis for ground-breaking research but also offers some exciting opportunities for development and application of user-specific solutions to challenging environmental problems.

The AWMC has a vast expertise base in its research team with over 45 academic and research staff and more than 40 research students. The AWMC has an outstanding track record of successful research, development and application projects currently worth almost AU$10 million per annum, many in close collaboration with industry and research collaborators.

The recent water and energy crisis has brought about a major change in many aspects of the water industry. The shift towards a true urban water cycle, both at local and regional scale, poses numerous challenges and opportunities for the water industry as a whole. The research portfolio at the AWMC consists of seven linked program. The combined efforts of our programs are achieving sustainable outcomes for the water industry including protecting our water resources and critical infrastructure.